Mameluke Affairs Part 1

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Mameluke Affairs Part 1

Uluch al-Rashid was a Mameluke, a member of the great warrior elite that had ruled Egypt for centuries. He had a great reputation as a tactician and disciplinarian, knowing to command and inspire his troops. He also had a terribly dangerous secret, which he could ill afford to have revealed in Islamic Egypt- he was a homosexual. The penalty for sodomy under Sharia law was death by stoning, and it was quite eagerly enforced for someone whose behavior "disgraced" the great Mameluke army.

When Bonaparte came with his sizable French army, driving the Mamelukes further eastward, and threatening to overrun the whole country, al-Rashid found himself dealing with British troops sent by His Majestys Government to reinforce the Mamelukes against the French Republic. It was the French Revolutionary Wars, all of Europe was at war, and the war had now spread to Africa.

Al-Rashid was not expecting any great change to his life, but it came soon, as he took a good look at the handsome, /exotic/">exotic-looking men of the British army. They gave him a hard-on he could not believe if he had not felt it! Such nice, foreign, pale complexions, such beautiful features, like blue eyes, and red or blonde hair made him stiff all day long to watch, so he had to constantly tear his eyes away from them, just to get anything done.

There was one particular young man, a bright-looking youth named Quincy Fields, who really appealed to the Mamelukes lust. He had nice, sandy hair, which was definitely something that al-Rashid had never seen before in his life, and the mans freckles were especially sexy- they was so colorful and strange to him. He had to fuck this boy, to get his cock into that mouth and arse, and to make the youth his lover. He wondered how he would accomplish that, especially with the danger of an international incident.

One day, after a few weeks had passed, he saw Quincy shopping for fruit at the local bazaars, and knew that this was his chance to get that beautiful young man where he wanted him. He casually approached him, offered to let him eat at his place, and offered him rum, which he knew that the boy would be craving, in an Islamic country where liquour was scarce. After practicing buggery, violating the Sharias ban on alcohol beverages was a small matter to al-Rashid. 

The youth eagerly consumed the rum, ate the native food, to which he was becoming accustomed by now, and was about to leave, when al-Rashid stopped him.

"Spend the night here, my boy. Theres no need to return to your billet, because we are both soldiers here, and your superiors will understand if you stayed at a locals house for a while. The French wont be coming for a week, anyway, so you need to relax a little before the next fighting."

Quincy agreed, not realizing that the Egyptian was trying to seduce him, and he naturally had no qualms about sharing a bed with the native officer. It was then that Rashid began rubbing his back, which made the youth feel both uncomfortable and oddly excited. Then Rashid pulled down Quincys drawers before he had a chance to anticipate, much less prevent that move, and he massaged the boys buttocks a bit.
This really shocked the 17 year old, who found himself actually enjoying the sensation of the mans hands on his bum.

Once Quincy had embraced this act, al-Rashid was emboldened to spread the youths cheeks, and seeing them to be dirty, he just grabbed Private Fields and dragged him to the bath, to clean him off before sodomizing him. At no point was this youth fighting this activity, as he had found that his cock was getting harder and stiffer by the second. As the Egyptian bathed him, the naked young Englishman realized that he himself was lusting for this strange fellow, as much as the man desired him.

When al-Rashid entered the bath with him, and turned him over onto his stomach, Quincy felt a sudden, surprising rush to his phallus and scrotum, and the former became completely hard. The Mameluke then inserted his fingers into Fieldss butt, which was cleaner than it had been in years, and prepared his rectum for the penetration that was about to follow. The feeling of the digit inside his asshole made him very aroused indeed, and al-Rashid had little difficulty easing his penis into Quincys bottom.

As the Egyptian continued sliding back and forth, in and out of Fieldss anus, the youth felt a sharp pain, and then it dulled, gradually becoming an increasing build-up of pleasure.

"Oh, bloody hell!", the youth shouted, "You are buggering me, Ive heard about this sort of thing, but I cannot bring myself to fight it- I want more! Oh, yes, sir, please use me this way! Oh, I love it, sir, I absolutely love it! It feels so wonderful, and I cant believe it, but I really enjoy it!"

"Good, my young man, because I have wanted to shag your bum for a long time! It feels so tight around my penis, that I have to keep it in there."

The youth was so thoroughly excited by the sensation of being sodomized, neither he nor the Egyptian saw the tall Scotsman walking into the bathroom. He was obviously looking for Fields, for some particular reason, but now he found him in a state that he had not expected, and his jaws dropped. The young man was taking a large Mameluke manhood inside his bottom, and evidently delighting in that fact.

"Ah, Private Fields, Quincy?"

The youth startled, and he was definitely worried, since homosexuality was a court-martial offense in His Majestys army.
What would happen- a hanging? He was afraid that might well be the case. Al-Rashid was also /scared/">scared, since the Scot might report him to his superiors as a sodomite.

"Here, sir."

"I am Lieutenant Colonel Lord Andrew Burns, of His Majestys 10th Light Infantry Regiment, young man. Dont bother stopping what youre doing; it doesnt really matter to me at all. You obviously are buggers, the both of you, and I would be well within my rights to have both of you arrested for that offense. I believe that stoning is the mandatory punishment for sodomy in Egypt, is it not?

However, I never saw any point to such rules, since you are not really harming anyone, nor undermining military discipline. You are just indulging an unusual pleasure. Its really none of the Crowns business, if you wish to bugger someone, or get buggered, but the Crown thinks otherwise, of course. I believe that I can get something out of you, and you will both co-operate with me, right?"

"Right, sir."

"Yes, Colonel Burns."

"Such a handsome lad- its no wonder that al-Rashid here wants to use you carnally, so I will assume that he has no objection to my pursuit of his young nieces, Fatima and Khadija. I am right, am I not, Mr. Al-Rashid?"

"Well, sir, if you porn videos download wish, Ill even throw in their mother, who is still quite lovely, although she has no appeal to me, as I am her brother and a sodomite."

"Really? Well, I have to see this mother of theirs."

"Good, because I am weary of providing for them, and if you desire them, they are yours, totally. Just let us be, the private and I, I mean."

"Where are they?"

"In the other bedchamber, doing Allah knows what!"

"Very well, I want you to call them in here, now!"

"Yes, sir. Shiraz, Fatima, and Khadija, come here this instant, girls!"

Three xxx very frightened, veiled women appeared in the bathroom, gasping as they saw the /master/">master of their house naked, obviously engaged in some kind of erotic act with a young man. 

"I want you girls to live with Lord Burns here. He will provide for you from now on, alright?"

Their eyes grew wide, as they saw their growing, erect penis of their new master: a tall, pale, and muscular man, with green eyes and red hair. 

"Yes, Uncle Uluch.", they all responded at their mothers direction. They were 2 pretty Egyptian girls, one 18, the other 16, and both had nice, curvaceous figures. Their mother, in her late 30s, was also a deliciously exotic woman, with such a dark complexion and such deep, dark brown eyes.

Burns removed his pants, ordering them to put his thing into their mouths, and they could not help but comply, so forcefully did he command, that they all scurried, including their mother, to their knees in front of him.

"I have to prove their worth, before Ill take them, you see."

"Naturally, you make sense, sir. How are they doing? I taught them to suck men off, even though they are not as good as men at it. I naturally did not use their womanhoods, but I made them perform fellatio like a bugger."

"You did well, sir. I compliment you. They will make excellent concubines for me. I like that Arabic notion of concubines- it makes more sense to me than our marital customs, such as only one wife."

They kept on sucking him, even as the Egyptian continued to sodomize Fields. 

"Perhaps you should marry the daughters, and keep my sister as their mother-in-law. Nobody has to know that they are not just maidservants."

"Please marry us, sir, please! We will suck you every day, and spread our legs for you, plus we will eat each other, and our mother."

"I will suck you off, too, and spread my legs as well. Please, I beg sir, so that they can be wives- I want them to have a husband!"

"Alright, but Im going to use them first, so that I know what I will get. Agreed?"

"Agreed.", they all said. Al-Rashid was pleased as well, because they might get into Paradise, whereas he felt himself already damned to Jahanum (Islamic Hell) for his "sins". He was also pleased with the youth, who gladly took his jizz inside him for the /first-time/">first time. The boy then came himself, and Burns now came, from the feeling of those 3 mouths sharing his cock.

He knew that at last, he would have 3 beautiful women servicing him, just as he always wished, and he would make full use of them, for sure.

Of course, he intended to hold them to their end of the bargain, but he knew from their attitude that they would be delightful, at least enough to justify keeping them. They all looked at him with pitiful, /adorable/">adorable eyes, and he could hardly wait to have his way with such wonderful women. If al-Rashid didnt want them, that was his loss!

They were about to have a new provider, protector, and head of the household, and Lord Andrew Burns was glad to exercise those functions.
Rashid, for his part, was soaking in the tub with a very happy Quincy Fields, who obviously intended to spend his stay in the town with the Mameluke, as his lover.

They had struck a great deal, and it made sense for the both of them, Lord Burns knew as he followed them into their bedroom, preparing to deflower the women, and enjoy the mother.

Will continue with the deflowering of the girls.