Teachers Training

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Teachers Training

I was raised in a small southern town. I had always lived with my parents because I was the only child and they were very protective over me. I even lived at home when I went to /college/">college and commuted 45 minutes back and forth everyday. Every since I was a little girl I had always wanted to become a school /teacher/">teacher and it has always been my dream to teach at the elementary school in my hometown. I have always wanted to teach second or third grade.

I started dating my boyfriend my first year in college even though we are from the same high school we never dated until then because my parents were very protective over me. I had never had a boyfriend that I was serious about until him. It wasn't because of my looks or anything like that. I'm very pretty 5ft 5in tall weigh 115 lbs light brown shoulder length hair, green eyes 32b breast and petite build my boyfriend was the only person I had ever had sex with and it was only 3 times my senior year in college. I was raised in a religious family so I was always taught it was wrong to have sex before marriage.

The year I graduated from college the economy went /bad/">bad and the schools in my town would only hire teachers with 3 years or more of experience so it was almost impossible milf porn videos for me to get hired there. My father is on the town council and he knew people so he pulled a few strings and they said if I got 1 year of experience that they would make an exception.

My father because he is a successful business man and on the town council knew people everywhere so he was able to find me a job through a business associate in a city about 2 hours away teaching middle school to get my 1 year experience. This meant I would have to move there for 1 year in order to teach. My boyfriend was upset about it but there was no other way in order for me to gain the experience. I promised him I would come home every weekend so I found a small apartment just 1 bedroom small living room and kitchen and bathroom. It was just blowjob porn videos something I could afford for 1 year.

The thing I didn't realize was it was that there were as many black kids as there were white kids in the school I had never been around that many black people before this made me a little nervous I am shy by nature anyway. On the first visit to the school I met the principal who was also black. He was an older man and big probably 6ft 3in 250lbs and very dominating. When I walked into the office his eyes checked me out very thoroughly. He made it very clear to me the first day that he didn't hire me that there were more qualified teachers than me .He made me very nervous staring at my body while he talked to me.

When I got up to leave my heart was pounding and my legs were weak from the way this man talked to me and stared at me. It seemed like he enjoyed the authority he had over me and that he enjoyed intimidating me. I have always had a secret that I have never told anyone about.

Ever since my early teens I have always had a /fantasy/">fantasy of an older /ugly/">ugly man taking control over me and using me and make me do humiliating things I have always thought it would pass that it was so wrong but I could never get this out of my head. But my thoughts never included a black man. My favorite movie has always been beauty and the beast.