Lynden and Ricardo sleepover

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Lynden and Ricardo sleepover

I had always been inlove with my /friend/best-friend/">best friend Lynden ever since I met him in grade 5 when he changed schools. I had always assumed he was gay but was never 100% certain. First let me exain myself Im Ricardo and I am tallish for my age brown hair, tanned body, 6pack,7 inch dick when hard and pretty handsome.

I am very popular and many girls in the school indian santali xvideo are inlove with me. Lynden is a little shorter than me brown hair, 4 pack, 6 inch dick and very handsome. He to is vey popular and some people say we look alike and ask if were related. We usually have sleepivers at each others place and sometimes when his swell I touch his dick and jackoff., I always try and perv at him every chance I get, and I always fantasize about him and me having sex.

One day asusual he asked to have a sleepover at his I accepted. The next day I was at his place and we started to play COD while talking about funny, random things. As it got darker his /sister/">sister and mum went to bed, while me and Lynden started to watch a horror movie. First we got ready for bed (getting our pjs on which is shirtless with our boxers ).

We started watching when a /guy/hot-guy/">hot guy started to kiss and fuck another guy, I saw Lynden get a hardon as I also did. I started staring when he noticed me and said oh you can see me /boner/">boner wanna touch it. I was shocked and happy at the sane time, I didnt refuse so I touched it I felt pleasure as I know he did to. I looked up then he kissed me I kissed him back and started playing with his dick.

I pulled his boxers off and kissed him down till I reached his dick without hesitation I put the whole thing in my mouth gaging for a bit then getting use to having his while dick in my mouth. It felt so good, my dreams were coming true,Lynden was moaning in pleasure and I told him to keep it down. Soon afterwards he came into my mouth his beautiful salty cum. He then did the same and I also caned in his mouth. I stuck my /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick into Lyndens virgin ass slowly then getting faster, Lynden couldnt help but shout in pain and pleasure.

I went faster and harder and soon I had cum alain lyle porn into his ass with my cum coming out a little. He did sane for me and it felt really painful but so pleasurable. He had gone fast and came it felt weird but I lived it. After Lynden and I kissed and cuddled naked and slept.