i had a sexy time with my best mateee

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
i had a sexy time with my best mateee

My mum had gone away i had the home to my self i was eighteen and not yet sexually active because i had discoverd my self to be a lesbain but too shy to tell anyone cause what they might say ,

i invited my best mate jessica over for a night in films and sweets and things like that and she accepted staight away she had had lots of bofreinds but nothing worked out for her she was always with me

she came over in her bikini and god did she look hot like good enough to fuck i never new if this was wrong to feel like that about her as jessica was my best matee but i could not help it she always kissed me on the lips she thought i thought it was normal she thought i was straight but i wasent i couldent handdle this i was now soo wet and /pussy/tight-pussy/my-tight-pussy/">my tight pussy was frobbing my clit was getting swollen and i wanted her body ,

i looked at her boobs and she asked do i want to suck them for a joke she was a bit of a slag but i liked it she then carrid on her joked and pooped her tit out i slowly bent foward and she looked at me strangly puzzeld infact i got closer and closer looking up at her all horney and sexxy and licked her nipple she sat ther puzzled for a while but xxx sex video download free com after me sucking for about a minit she stripped all her top half and both her nipples were out i was so horny and nned more she undressed my top half and statred rubbing and licking my nipple then sucking nice and slowly i then took down her bikini shorts and there she was my best mate naked infront of me while her sucking my nipples and me rubbing hers i slowly kissed her body down to her pussy licking in and out of her lips then teasing her clit with my toung her breathing got heavy and so did mine because she was un dressing me i now was nacked i took her hand and run up stairs pushed her on the bed she spread her legs wide.

So i could eat he out i slowly rubbed her clit on put my toung in her hole deeper in and all around she tased soo good like i never imagend then she came in my mouth i spat it on my hands then slid 1 finger into her tight /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy then two fatser and harder she came again then it was my turn she rubberd her soft tasy tits around my cint and rubberd my clit i came on her tits then she let me suck them she began to tease my clit with a feather she has clipped in her hair suck /bitch/">bitch suck " i groaned then she sucked my clip hard then the momment iv always had been wating for the whloe time iv know i was les her toung sloly slid inide my /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy she began toung fucking my pussy and i came in her mouth she swollerd it all and smiled at me we got up and found a realy orgasmic position /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy tounching hers i rode her harder and faster our wet cunts rubbin then a nock out the sexxxx video ful hd door we stoped and pretended we were asleep but it wasent over yet the whloe night the whloe time we had it was toung fuckin /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking and well i never stopped cuming in her mouth and every were im orgasming now because she will be round in a minit to have a nicee little pussy lick and she will suck my clit and finger my tight pussy ...x