Mrs Hansen Part 2

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Mrs Hansen Part 2

When I heard the car door slam I grabbed my towel and raced up the stairs. Just as I was closing my bedroom door I heard my mom shout, ?Lois, how good to see you. Did Jason let you in?? 

?Yes, Connie he had just got out of the shower and as soon as he let me in he dashed off to his room.? Oh good I thought Mrs., Hansen was not going to let on what had just happened so I relaxed a little and got dressed.

Descending the stairs I entered the living room where my Mom and Mrs. Hansen were seated on the couch drinking a cup of tea. Mom had yet to change out of her work clothes and I bent down to kiss her cheek. ?Hi, Mom how was your day?? 

I tried to act nonchalant, and spoke to Mrs. Hansen, ?Sorry to have run out on you, Mrs. Hansen I should have offered you a cup of tea.? I looked to Mrs. Hansen and I could see a little glimmer in her eye kind of like the cat that ate the canary.

?Oh goodness, Jason, no fret I interrupted you and was kind enough to let me in.? As I leaned in to kiss her cheek I could almost swear I could smell the cum on her breath but I knew it was my imagination. I looked back to Mom and asked if the needed a refill and her affirmative answer directed me to the kitchen were the kettle was still hot. I poured anther pot and headed back to the living room.

The conversation the two ladies were having ran a shiver down my spine. ?I know we were supposed to go out to dinner tonight, Connie but I didn?t know the sink would stop up and I beg to reschedule our plans. And that was why I asked if Jason could come over and see if he could help.? 

My stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv Mom quickly responded, ?Why not call a plumber, Lois they are professional and I?m not sure Jason is capable of unstopping your sink.? 

?I hate to call a plumber this late in the day; it would cost me a fortune. If he can?t help I call on Monday and suffer through the weekend.?

Mom relented and as I walked in the room Mom looked over and explained Mrs. Hansen?s problem and asked if I would mind going over and helping. Goosebumps rose on my arms as I mused that maybe this would be an opportunity to lose my virginity but I tried to remain calm as I spoke. ?I?d be glad to help.? After what you did a while ago I thought looking straight at Mrs. Hansen it?s the least I can do. 

Mom smiled at me and said, ?Well, I guess its dinner alone for this lonely widow.? I hoped and prayed that Mom would not invite herself and was relieved when she continued, ?There is a movie on tonight and white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie since our plans have changed I will grab a quick bite and curl up on the couch.?

?Jason, go change out of those shorts and put on something more respectable of you are going to Mrs. Hansen?s.? 

Mrs. Hansen was quick to the rescue and immediately spoke, ?Nonsense, Connie he will probably get dirty anyway, no use ruining good clothes.? I was still standing a few feet from the ladies seated and when I looked to Mrs. Hansen she was staring at my crotch and I noticed the same glimmer as before and I had to set the pot down and turn away as I felt myself getting turned on by the way Mrs. Hansen eyed the bulge tucked inside my tight jean shorts.

I started to run up the stairs and yelled back over my shoulder, ?Give me a minute to grab my wallet and house key and I?ll be ready when you are, Mrs. Hansen.? After grabbing the essentials I took down the stairs two at a time and reentered were the ladies were just as Mom and Mrs. Hansen were hugging. 

?You take good care of Mrs. Hansen, Jason and call me if you are going to be late.? ?Don?t you worry, Connie I?m sure Jason will be good to me.? She said this with a smirk on her face that only I could see.

Mom waved good bye as I held the car door open for Mrs., Hansen. ?My, what a gentleman.? Uh Huh I had ulterior motives because I was trying to get a glimpse of her legs, but I didn?t let on and boy did I get a /surprise/">surprise. She not only showed some leg, she hiked up the dress a little and very un-lady like sat on the seat and swung her legs in one at a time. I saw a small glimpse of panty as her leg was swinging in to get settled with the other. 

I quickly closed her door and ran to the passenger side and got in before my fledgling /erection/">erection became noticeable. We drove off towards Mrs. Hansen?s house and as she drove I couldn?t help staring at her bare legs. She hadn?t bothered to pull her dress back down and she caught me staring. ?You like my legs, Jason??

The sexy tone in her voice kept me from embarrassment and I replied huskily,? Yes, Mrs. Hansen I think your legs are beautiful.? ?Would you like to tough my leg, Jason?? I couldn?t answer, my throat was dry and I was so excited at the thought of touching this mature woman that all I could do was tentatively reach out and rest my hand just above her knee.

?That feels nice, Jason.? She put her hand on top of mine and drew my hand to her thigh and whispered, ?Have you felt a woman?s pussy before, Jason?? With that my hand was drawn up to the top of her panties where I could feel they were hot and moist. Oh God, I though I?m going to blow a wad before I get a feel. I squeezed my ass cheeks together to keep from cumming in my pants. I let my middle finger explore lower down the cleft of her crack and I could feel a great deal of moisture.

?You make me so wet, Jason. Pull the leg of my panties aside and touch me.? I did as she asked and when my finger delved into the slit I was amazed at the wetness. I felt proud that I was making her this horny but I was also encouraged by this so I snaked my finger in until I felt the entrance to her canal and shoved my middle finger all the way into her until my palm was flat against her mound. I felt the car swerve some and I looked at Mrs. Hansen?s face and her eyelids were almost closed.

?Should we pull over Mrs. Hansen?? 

?Yesss,? she mumbled, and quickly turned into an alley behind a shopping mall and pulled the car to a stop behind a row of dumpsters. She killed the lights and shut off the car. Her legs spread and gave me access to her womanly charms. I tool full advantage and started to pull my middle finger out until just the tip was embedded in her and forcefully rammed my finger back in to the hilt. ?Take my panties down, Jason, hurry your finger feels so good in me, I need to cum so /bad/">bad.?

She lifted her butt off the car seat and I pulled until her panties were around her ankles and she kicked off her shoes and used her foot to remove them completely. That was when I noticed her smell and it was intoxicating. I had never smelled anything like it and my tool was straining to rip my zipper apart. I continued with renewed energy and added another finger to the fuck I was giving her.

Her hips were straining up to meet my fingers and she literally fucked my hand, her juices were abundant and dripping down my wrist. ?Oh God your fingers feel good, Jason I am about to cum.? I wanted to experiment a little so I massaged the top of her mound with my thumb and when I encountered the bump at the top center her hips flailed and she cried out. ?Yes Jason there. My clit Jason massage my clit.? Taking one dripping finger out her hole I brought it up and flicked her button and the other finger felt the walls of the pussy contract. Another small jolt of juice surrounded my finger.

?Mrs. Hansen can I lick you?? I want to make you feel as good as you did me earlier.? 

?Oh yes, Jason please lick my pussy.? I removed my fingers from her hole and got out of the car and ran to her side. She brought her legs around the outside of the car door and spread wide. I dropped to my knees and felt the initial grounding of the asphalt skinning me and my first thought was I should have listened to Mom and changed. But even though the knees were suffering nothing was going to stop me from licking my first pussy.

I brought my nose closer to her cunt and sniffed deeply. My dick jumped in my pants in response and I lightly touched her slit with the tip of my tongue and blew warm air into her wetness. Oh what a /sweet/">sweet taste, I love this taste I thought, and I explored further. I stuck my tongue as far as I could up her juicy canal and started tongue fucking Mrs. Hansen feverishly. I reached up with both hands and spread the lips apart and ran my thumb up against her clit.

?Ohhh my God, Jason that feels so good lick me, honey, lick me harder.? I removed my tongue from her hole and flicked up against her clit as she reached down and grabbed my head in both hands and ground her /hard/pussy-hard/">pussy hard against my face. My nose bumped against her pubic bone and although it hurt a little I did not draw back. I increased the tempo against the little button and she was undulating so much I strained to keep my tongue against her and licked harder.

?Ohh yessss, I?m cummimg, lick me, lick me.? I felt the first onslaught of her juices flow against my chin and drip down the crack of her ass. I did not slow licking her and I tried to drink the copious nectar down. She must have become sensitive because she cried, ?Stop, Jason I can?t take anymore.? I set back on my haunches and I noticed her eyes were closed and she had a contented look on her face. ?That was good; I haven?t felt that good in a long time, Jason.? I smiled sheepishly and when she reached her arms out I fell against her and she hugged me tightly.

She looked into my eyes and bent down and kissed me lightly on my lips and proceeded to lick her cum from my face. My cock started to spew sperm and I was quickly drenched down my leg. It was worth it I thought I got to eat a pussy for the /first-time/">first time and I got a blow job earlier, what could be better? Then I heard, ?Let?s hurry home Jason, I want you.?